Friday, August 8, 2008

Episode 3: New York at Night

And welcome to the third episode of the F Squared Podcast: Food and Fashion! This episode focuses on the third episode of Project Runway Season Five. We start off with our usual welcome, and then move onto the news. Not much to speak of, but there is some talk of Kenley. Also some Top Chef news. Then, we move onto our Episode Recap and discussion in which we recap (as usual) and talk about all the dresses (yet again as usual). Then we move onto a special discussion about the models this season, based on our small knowledge of modeling. We then move onto an "email" section where we talk about our recap for BPR and our lame lame poll in the sidebar, and finish off with a goodbye. Sorry about the length guys, we tried not to make it too long but didn't succeed very well.

Some links from this episode:

Chris March's Blog on Elle's site

All dresses made/discussed in this episode

As always, if I forgot anything or anything is wrong send us an email at

Now usually we put our player here but I finally figured out that the player doesn't only have that episode. So. From now on (and edited in the post) there will be a player (that you can scroll for the episode) and a link to just the episode. Sorry about that guys, didn't mean to disappoint/create any kind of difficulty or confusion, not sure that it would. Anyways, as said here's the player AND a link to just the episode. Happy listening!

-Abby and Sophie, F Squared Podcast hosts

Episode Three: New York at Night

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