Saturday, August 2, 2008

Get ready because it's coming!

Coming soon! The F Squared Podcast! A podcast that covers two of Bravo's most successful reality shows, Project Runway and Top Chef. In every episode, we'll have an episode recap (in which we tell what we thought of everyone's dress/dish of the week as well as a basic summary of what the challenge was for the episode and who won and lost) and a general discussion (where we talk at length about the whole season so far, or one particular contestant). We also have your latest Project Runway and Top Chef news and read listener emails and talk about polls on our website. In each episode, we hope to bring you the fix of both shows and possibly attract you to one you might not watch. Feel free to send your opinions and thoughts on the podcast to us at our email address or even leave comments on the post itself.

Thanks for tuning in to the F Squared podcast! Hope you enjoy!

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