Sunday, August 3, 2008

Episode 1: First Impressions

Welcome to F Squared: Food and Fashion! A podcast about Bravo's hit reality shows Project Runway and Top Chef. This is our premiere episode, in which we discuss the premiere episode of Season Five of Project Runway. We'll start of with a quick intro about ourselves and news from both the world of Project Runway and Top Chef. Included is news on Project Runway's switch to Lifetime. Then we'll go into a quick episode recap and discussion about 5x01. In it, we include our opinions on the winner, loser, and all the garments made in this challenge. Next we have a discussion about our impressions and thoughts about all the designers. To wrap it up, we'll talk about how to contact us and a quick goodbye.

Some of the links to things mentioned in our podcast:

Cooking with Friends (on Andrew of Top Chef Stylephile blog on Project Runway switch to lifetime

Boston Globe article on Fauxhawks featuring Bravo stars(just the images from it)

All the dresses made/discussed in this episode

For links to Blogging Project Runway and Blogging Top Chef, check out the sidebar (thataway -->). Did we forget one? Feel free to drop us a line at to let us know.

The podcast is below, as well as in our feed ( and in the sidebar. Thanks for listening, and look forward to a second episode in the very near future.

-Abby and Sophie, hosts of the F Squared Podcast.

Episode 1: First Impressions

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